The Rebbe

Chabad Zichron Kedoshim

Mission Statement

Our goal is to reach every single person within our community with an approach of unconditional love, and accomplish the following mission:

1. Reaching & Touching Everyone: Influence all people with Jewish teachings & values. Inspire Jews to embrace Judaism with joy and make it an integral part of their lives.

2. Building Community: Through creating community centres that provide services that cater to the spiritual needs (i.e. learning & community support) of all age groups and diverse populations within Montreal, we build strong Jewish identity, affiliation and commitment. A specific focus is upon families and those seeking to embrace Judaism.

3. Personal Growth: Guide every individual toward his/her G‑d given potential by providing oppurtunities for people to experience the depth of Jewish & Chassidic thought, especially the clarity of the Rebbe's teachings.

4. Lamplighters: Encourage community members to be active Lamplighters (volunteers/leaders) who work towards the Rebbe's vision of improving the lives of fellow Jews in the spirit of "Love your fellow as yourself," inspiring Jews tp strengthen their Jewish connection, and changing the world for the good - Moshiach now.