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We are about to mark one month since the horrible murder of 11 Jews in Pittsburgh.
Jewish tradition empowers us to do good in honour of the departed, and the Shloshim,
the 30th day, is a particularly auspicious moment in the soul’s upward journey.

This prompted us to ask the question: What can we as a community do to honour them?
We decided the most appropriate response, given that they were killed while attending services,
is to encourage one another to come to Shul.

Let us make a statement together as a community that our response to darkness is to invest ourselves
in shining more light.

Join us as we honour their memory – make a pledge (click here) to come to Shul.

Looking forward to seeing you,


Rabbi Ronnie & Simcha Fine
Rabbi Mendel & Shaina Fine 
Rabbi Mendy Bresinger